Our training courses

We offer three different qualified training courses. Systemic-dialogical life and social counseling, dialogue circle accompaniment and system constellations.

Systemic- dialogic constellation work
accompany dialogically

This learning course provides a sound basis for the support of systemic constellations in the personal and family area.

Through the dialogical approach, we place particular value on equality, mindfulness and presence in the joint process between companion, client and group. This enables you as a participant to reflect in different ways and on different levels.

detailed program

counseling & coaching

A systemic-dialogical life and social counselor looks at people in their diverse contexts and focuses on expanding the quality of relationships. He or she accompanies people and groups on their way to living in a fulfilling relationship with themselves, with others and with the world.

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Dialogue Process Work

Education and training program
for accompanying dialogue groups

The training to become a dialogue group facilitator offers participants the opportunity to deal intensively with the topic of 'dialogue' over a longer period of time.

It provides a framework for collecting your own dialogue experiences and for experimenting with different accompaniment and intervention styles.

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