Hainfeld dialogue circle    Open seminar

A practice area to change everyday communication
Hainfeld, 18:30 p.m. - 21:00 p.m.



How often do we talk past each other. Don't listen carefully. I already know
in advance what the other person wants to say. Have ideas and
Assumptions or are our interlocutors prematurely devaluing?

Common conversation patterns that endanger or even endanger our relationships
to make impossible. What's behind it?

A dialogue circle is a practice area to get to know ourselves better. with
all the thoughts and feelings that are there now. We learn how it is
feels to speak to one another from the heart. Open. Honestly. We practice,
really listening to each other. With curiosity. With a spirit of discovery. The topic
is just the stirrup to start.

We present the setting of a dialogue group and dedicate ourselves
the topic together in order to practice a dialogical attitude.

Thema: Poor and rich, unequal, equal

Dialog hosts: Benno and Maria Kapelari

Dialogue room: Lebenskreisquelle, Hainfeld

Please register with
Maria Kapelari, 06801336545, maria.kapelari@ich-du-wir.at